What is Scientific Wellness?

At Kitsap Medical Weight Loss, we do not use diet programs and instead, we rely on scientific wellness.

At Kitsap Medical Weight Loss, we do not use diet programs and instead, we rely on scientific wellness. Scientific wellness presents a multidimensional, evidence-based approach to weight loss that is tailored to an individual’s personal genetics, medical history, needs and preferences. By pairing the data from your medical history and the tests that we conduct at our clinic with behavioral coaching and advice, we can help to prevent serious health problems from occurring.

Obesity is a chronic disease and people who struggle with excess body weight are dealing with a complex scenario of genetic, biologic, environmental and behavioral factors. The scientific wellness approach addresses the inherent complexity of losing weight and aims to help people improve their overall wellness.

We want to help each individual patient understand how their unique genetic makeup may be influencing other health factors, such as: lifetime obesity risk, the increased risk of obesity with age, weight gain with dietary carbs and weight gain resulting from inactivity. If you suffer from other conditions related to weight gain or obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, acid reflux or urinary incontinence, the scientific wellness approach takes all aspects of your health into account. The comprehensive, individualized process at Kitsap Medical Weight Loss allows us to build stronger relationships with our clients that lead to prolonged and effective results.* Click here to learn more about our process and what you can expect during your first visit.

The SECA body composition scanner helps us obtain scientific data. Using this technology, we can determine how much lean muscle is in your body and where it is distributed.* The body composition scanner also shows how well hydrated you are, and gives an overall gauge of your nutritional condition and state of health.*

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