Ribbon Cutting: Monday April 24, 2017

I remember a time when we were kids when my brother didn’t want to eat meatloaf one night,


This was what the phlebotomy area looked like during the remodel. It’s now adorned with photos from Hawaii, and Jim calls it The Aloha Lounge.

I remember a time when we were kids when my brother didn’t want to eat meatloaf one night, and I found out it was because he had seen it being put together that afternoon. Somehow the raw ingredients didn’t look very appetizing squishing through mom’s fingers. Things aren’t always pretty in the making, and our office was certainly no exception.

We didn’t think it would be all that bad to make the few little changes we wanted to make to the physical space, and we figured we had a pretty good grasp on what we needed to do to outfit ourselves with technology. Yeah, right. Our idea of what was in store was a tip of the iceberg situation.

The remodel

During the remodel: buildings have bones too!

On Monday, April 24 at 5 p.m. however, we are officially popping out of the oven and ready to serve. We are pleased to announce the Mayor of Poulsbo, Becky Erickson will join us for a Ribbon Cutting ceremony. There will be music and light refreshments, and people can tour most of the office while the paparazzi take your photo hobnobbing with the stars.

It’s an office we’re proud to show off. With the help of some great people, we think it looks pretty good.

This suite was vacant for several years and the cabinetry colors were outdated decades before that. Our budget being what it was, the hideous things stayed. Without Janet Weber’s interior design help we’d still be scratching our heads over what wall colors could make everything work.

The front desk also had to stay, but it needed a makeover, and Janet helped us get turn that eye sore into a thing of beauty. The logo on the wall behind the desk was designed by Sam Enlow at Fingers Duke Design Studio.

The other walls in our lobby now have incredible artwork from our friend Leigh Knowles Metteer!

Andrew Betzing of Kitsap Networking setting up our computers.
“You hit Control – Shift – WHAT?” Andrew Betzing of Kitsap Networking setting up our computers.

Ellen and Andrew Betzing

“You hit Control – Shift – WHAT?” Andrew Betzing of Kitsap Networking setting up our computers.

Behind the cosmetics, we learned way more than we ever wanted to about IT thingy-jobbies, (and still barely enough to use them) and even managed to baffle the expert with a bug in our electronic medical records program! We send a huge thank you to Andrew Betzing at Kitsap Networking for getting us up and running. You know the saying, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question?”? Since meeting us, Andrew may not agree.

The person who might appreciate this symbolic grand opening the most, however, is our fabulous medical assistant Susanna. Not only did she wait patiently for a delayed real opening, but she did everything she could to help us get ready. From scrapping old carpet cement off the floor to putting fresh paint on the walls, Susanna was all in with the venture.

Please join us at 5 p.m. Monday, April 24. There won’t be meatloaf, but there will be some great low-carb goodie

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