Jim Mange, Office Manager

James Mange is the office manager at Kitsap Medical Weight Loss.

Jim MangeJames Mange is the office manager at Kitsap Medical Weight Loss. Much of Jim’s life has been spent studying the function and movement of the human body. He’s a true kinesiology geek. Jim coached 27 seasons of high school sports (swimming, track and field, baseball and volleyball) and has been honored with coaching awards in swimming and track. He has also been a licensed massage therapist for several years.

Personally, Jim is in his 49th year of competitive swimming, and has been a record holder at the high school and college level, and has won dozens of state titles in Master’s Swimming. He also currently holds several state records in Senior Games.

“I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and performance,” Jim says, “but I really didn’t know anything until Ellen started studying medical weight loss.”

Jim is now 35 pounds lighter than any weight he could achieve through exhausting workouts and trying to starve himself. “Barring surgical intervention, I never thought I’d see the underside of 200 again” he says. Being married to the doctor certainly hasn’t hurt, but Jim has kept the weight off for well over a year now, and he’s a true believer.

“I love greeting patients as they come in, because most of the time I see less of them at every visit.

In under a year and a half, we’ve had patients lose over 4,600 pounds, and the number is climbing faster and faster as we add new patients to the practice.” Jim also notes that many patients are going off medications for other physical complaints as they get healthier. “Blood pressures are going down, cholesterol numbers are improving, and patients are able to go off their insulin. We even had one patient who, because of weight loss, was finally able to get pregnant after trying for 10 years! “I love what we do here,” he says. “This is the best kind of medicine we could ever offer.”

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As a fellow health care provider in Kitsap County, Kitsap Medical Weight Loss has provided me with a resource to give my patients who want/ need to lose weight to improve their health. This is the real deal. Eat real food, learn about healthy, attainable lifestyle changes and get lots of support from a team that celebrates every lost pound with you. I have seen my patients be able to stop their diabetes medication, improve their ability to complete activities of daily living and return to active lifestyles that include travel and athletic pursuits and the best part, keep the weight off. If you have thought about trying to get healthy, this is the place to start and so much less expensive than 30/10 weight loss, Ideal protein, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem.*

- Melissa T.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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