Weight Loss Medications

99% of our patients use weight loss medications, and we are able to prescribe and dispense them, including phentermine, at our clinic in Poulsbo, Washington.

What are weight loss medications?

Weight loss medications can be found in many places and their levels of effectiveness can vary. In order to get the most out of weight loss medication, it is important to remember two things. One, you should only take weight loss medicine that is prescribed by a medical professional (such as Dr. Ellen K. Stehouwer, our board certified bariatrician). Two, we should think about weight loss medication as a tool, not a solution.

Most of our patients use weight loss medication, and we are able to prescribe and dispense weight loss medicine, including phentermine, at our clinic in Poulsbo, Washington. We treat obesity as a chronic disease, and as such, we believe that medicinal support is needed. Fighting obesity can be tough, and we utilize multiple approaches to address each patient’s medical history and underlying health issues. Medication is a toolbox; there are plenty of tools to choose from to get the job done, but certain tools work better than others.

We do not prescribe miracle pills that claim to help you lose weight overnight. Our weight loss advice is evidence-based and our solutions are rooted in scientific wellness. Deciding on the right medication will depend on a number of factors. We take your health history and genetics into account before prescribing the right medication and creating a weight loss plan.

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*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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I highly recommend a visit to Kitsap Medical Weight Loss for help with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight! I am truly impressed with this clinic’s wonderful, caring team, and am so thankful that Kitsap County now has a board certified Bariatric doctor! Dr. Stehouwer is the one to see whether you are a little or a lot overweight. She educates, supports and provides the tools with a diet that can easily be followed with, of course, some patient dedication! It is now my diet for life after losing 10 lbs in the first month, 45 total after appx 7 months. The entire staff is equally excited about each patient’s success, they truly care and as well they “practice what they preach” … the entire team follows the same diet. Dr. Stehouwer cares about you at a personal level. I always appreciate how she takes time to talk with me about how I am feeling and that she cares about me as a whole, not just a person on a diet. She has the knowledge and skill pertaining to weight loss that the Family Practice doctor doesn’t have, and the plan works. Thank you Dr. Stehouwer and Staff, you are great!*

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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