Susanna Molina, MA

Susanna Molina is the Medical Assistant at Kitsap Medical Weight Loss.

Susanna Molina, MASusanna Molina first met Dr. Stehouwer when she was on a floating rotation as a Medical Assistant for The Doctors Clinic. She thought the doc was somebody she’d enjoy working with, so she asked if she could be the permanent solution instead of the temporary fix. Dr. Stehouwer decided to give it a try on a short term basis to “see if they were a good fit.” That was over 10 1/2 years, and two practices ago.

Susanna started as an MA over 25 years ago, and one of her first jobs helped her hone one of her greatest skills. While working at a clinic on Vashon Island, a community without a hospital, she was trained in IV techniques for emergency situations. We don’t have any emergencies in this office, but Susanna really knows her way around the veins, and we do need to run labs every now and then.

Office Manager Jim says, “If you have to have your blood drawn, you should be glad to have Susanna do it.” He jokes that Susanna specializes in “painless phlebotomy,” but it’s only half in jest. “There’s a good number of our patients who say they’re a tough draw, but she’s virtually undefeated.”

Susanna says the best thing about being a Medical Assistant is the job satisfaction. “I really love helping people, and medicine is my passion.” That satisfaction level has gone up since moving with Dr. Stehouwer to start Kitsap Medical Weight Loss beginning with the ramp up in November of 2016. “The difference between this and Family Practice is that now we get to give people good news all the time. Instead of trying to help patients find out what’s wrong, or help them survive a problem, we show them how to take back control. You can regain health.”

Susanna is also excited about her new status as a laser technician, as KMWL brought in SculpSure in June.

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